SESSION ATTENDING: __________________________________________________________________________________

NAME OF CHILD: ______________________________________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: _______________________________________________________________________________________

NAME OF SCHOOL & SCHOOL YEAR GROUP: ____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS inc POST CODE: ______________________________________________________________________________

TEL NO: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________________

MEDICAL/ALLERGY INFORMATION: _____________________________________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME & NUMBER: _______________________________________________________________



1.       If the club is fully booked you will be placed on a waiting list and we will we inform you if a place becomes available.

2.       Players should arrive at club on time.

3.       Nat’s Netball Club reserve the right to cancel the clubs at any time in the event of insufficient numbers, in which case all monies will be fully     refunded. 
4.     We reserve the right to exclude or refuse any person at any time prior to and during the club, if in our opinion, that person is incompatible with the general well being of the club. In this instance no refund will be made. 
5.       All players must remove all jewellery prior to arriving at the club. 
6.       All players must wear suitable trainers.
7.       Although every reasonable step is taken to avoid injuries being suffered by participants, there is an inherent risk of injury in Netball. By signing this form, you confirm that: You consent to trained first aid personnel caring for your child in the event of an accident and you accept that we will only administer prescribed drugs, e.g. antibiotics or inhaler, to your child during the club with your verbal and written consent.

8.     Natalie Kenton and Nat's Netball Club are covered with public liability insurance through England Netball. 


I give permission for my take part in Nat's Netball Club and for her to abide by the club rules.

I do/do not give permission for my daughter to be photographed and for these photos to be used for publicity.