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As a parent/carer I will:
As a parent/carer, I will not:

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Code of Conduct for Players

Our code of conduct requires the highest standards of conduct from everyone involved in netball to ensure that their behaviour and actions meet the values and standards expected at all times. Everyone must conduct themselves in an honest, fair, impartial and transparent manner.

Our Codes of Conduct are applicable to all aspects of the Sport and are driven by England Netball’s Values (Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Fun) and the Guiding Principles (set out above).

I will Respect:
Netball is based on Teamwork, therefore I will:
I recognise individuals participate in Netball to achieve and have fun, therefore I will:

I will endeavour to abide by this code of conduct and promote it to others. I understand that if I fail to follow the code, the England Netball, the Regional Association or the County Association may take action against me under the Disciplinary Regulations which may result in Sanctions including fines and suspension.

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Please click below to view the full NNC Constitution, and the Safeguarding and Protecting Children & Young Adults Policy

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